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Walk into our Swindon or Thornbury showrooms and you’ll be able to experience true hydrotherapy in person. The exceptional feature of Jacuzzi® hot tubs that we can show you, really has to be felt to be believed… whether during a wet test or just lowering your arm into the water.

The renowned hydrotherapy – powered by the Jacuzzi® PowerPro jets™ – creates that sense of total wellbeing and a true feeling of recovery & rejuvenation. Trusted and used by athletes and simply adored by anyone who has ever had the pleasure, hydrotherapy relieves more than physical aches, it eases the stress of everyday life.

What makes it all possible is the therapeutic use of warm water and bespoke directional jets that target key muscle groups in the body – from neck to toe.

Consider it as your personal masseur – on call 24-7 – keeping you at your best more of the time.

If this is one of the major reasons for you buying a hot tub, we suggest you check out the J-300™ range: This specialist collection of hot tubs features the new Power Pro Therapy Seats. The positioning and power of the jets they have, offers an even more effective hydromassage at the key nerve centres of the back and lumbar region. These hot tubs also have a higher number of jets, especially in the lounge seats to hit more of your body from the neck to the shoulders, legs and feet. Speak to us today on 01793 770964 or pop into the Thornbury or Swindon showrooms and ask about Hydrotherapy and J-300™ range.


The now world famous brand Jacuzzi® has been synonymous with luxury relaxation for decades, yet its creation was born of truly humble and loving reasons. To try and relieve the pain of rheumatoid arthritis that a family member was enduring, two brothers harnessed the power of water & precision jets of air to comfort and help young Ken Jacuzzi. The video below expands on this story and demonstrates how this legendary brand began in detail.