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From our showroom to your garden

We don’t just make buying a hot tub easy for you, we ensure that every part of the installation process goes as smoothly as possible too. It’s important to us to explain the key points of consideration and give you a fully rounded overview of how the units are transported and installed.

The main things any potential hot tub owner must provide are a solid, level base for it to sit on, the electrical supply and convenient hosepipe (water supply). During any site survey we can check all these things for you and offer our expert advice.

As well as providing this support we will talk to you about access, discussing the minimum size entry needed – all hot tubs arrive well packaged, on their side and are manually moved this way (so the gap doesn’t need to be as big as you may think). On rare occasions a crane may be needed when access is limited, this scenario again will be comfortably managed with us should the need arise.

All this knowledge has been honed over 18 years of doing installations and we are happy to share all our experience with you.

Keeping the buying process simple & easy

Initial contact:
To begin with, interact with us via the contact form, email or phone. We can talk you through the hot tubs we offer, answer any questions and send you further information or brochures.

Showroom visit:
Come into the Thornbury or Swindon showrooms and you’ll be greeted with a smile and given an introduction into the world of hot tubs. We can take you through the complete ranges, focus on a hot tub you are interested in, offer you a FREE wet test & show you all the accessories available.

Hot tub selection:
When you’ve made your mind up about right hot tub for your lifestyle & garden, we can give you a thorough demonstration of all its features. Taking you through the various seating positions, jet set up, control panels and maintenance.

Finance options:
We’ll provide a variety of ways to pay for your hot tub from Interest free credit to low deposits. Throughout the year there will also be seasonal sales and incentives, just ask about the deals on offer when you visit the showroom.

Site visit and surveys:
This stage of the process allows us to recommend the best position for your hot tub within the garden, as well as mapping out the best routing for the electrical supply. We will also talk you through the solid base needed to sit the hot tub on. By doing all this we can ensure that your hot tub is situated – and works – superbly.

Project support:
A key part in keeping our customers worry-free is our ongoing support we will provide throughout the process. We can connect you with trusted sub-contractors from electricians & ground workers to crane hire & operators, taking away any unneeded pressure from you.

Site Preparation:
With your purchase decision made now is the time to prepare the base for your hot tub, sort out your electrics and ensure a outside tap is nearby for filling up the hot tub. During this stage we are only ever a phone call away to help you with any issues.

Installation Day:
Once all the above has been completed our installation team will expertly deliver, position and commission your new hot tub. Our lead installer will then take you through a full demonstration of how to operate your hot tub. Equally importantly (probably more so) he will walk you through the chemical routine and show you how to ensure your hot tub stays clean and safe to use.

We have our own in house technicians and support staff so in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong you can be assured our our utmost attention and support. We also stock a full selection of chemical which can be purchased in in store or on line. Our technicians can also provide annual servicing to ensure your hot tub is maintained for optimum use.