Coral Bay Deluxe


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Coral Bay Deluxe- 213cm x 213cm, 6 Seater (1 lounge)

The Coral Bay Deluxe provides an enhanced massage thanks to 48 jets that target all areas of the body for a fantastic all over massage. Compared with the Coral Bay it has additional jets in the lounge seat to target the dorsal muscles and large rotational jets in the Captains Chair focus on the Lumbar area to relieve lower back strain. The Coral Bay Deluxe also features the superb reverse mould corner seat which includes jets specifically placed to target the upper shoulder and neck area. Along with the renowned AquaPillow the Coral Bay Deluxe features a level of massage not normally found in a family hot tub.

Another great feature on the Coral Bay Deluxe is the Spa Frog™ Bromine dispensing system. This system is built directly in to the plumbing so no more measuring out the correct quantities and constantly adding chemicals. Just replace the cartridges every few weeks and enjoy clean, safe water.

Other features include the multi colour LED lighting package, an Ozonator, Full Foam insulation and an ABS base.