H2X Challenger 15D



H2X Challenger 15D

Elite Performance, Airless VIP Swim Jets.

The Challenger 15D features a large, deep swim area area that is perfect not only for swimming but also aquatic exercise, and family fun.
The 6 swim jets feature Master Spas exclusive Airless VIP Technology, this increases water flow by as much as 40% and unlike most other swim jets no air is injected in to the swim current. This enhances the swim jet performance generating a smoother, wider swim current with no turbulence for an exceptional swim experience. Swim pace can be adjusted through 7 speeds to suit swimmers of all abilities.

A swim spa is not just about swimming so when it comes to hydrotherapy, rehabilitation and relaxation, nothing compares to the H2X Therapy Seat which includes stress relieving neck and shoulder jets, plus hip and leg jets for an all over massage. The exclusive Therapy Cove is a jetted position within the swim chamber, stand in front of these jets to get the perfect massage for your lower back, hips, thighs and calves. The Challenger 15D is supplied with a range of aquatic exercise equipment which you can use to improve your all round fitness and increase your core stability.

At 457cm x 239cm this is the smallest of the Challenger models, and can easily be accommodated in most backyards.

Dimensions: 457cm x 239cm x 153cm
Water Capacity: 7,300L
Weight (Dry/Full): 1,148 kg / 8,870 kg
Propulsion System: Airless VIP Technology
Power Requirement: 230V / 32 Amp
Pumps: 3
Stainless Steel Jets: 45 (Incl. 6 Airless VIP Jets)
Water Features: 5
Ozone System: Standard
Filtration: EcoPur® Charge
LED Lighting: Multicolour Waterline