H2X Challenger 19D



The Challenger 19D is a dual zone swim spa, this means you have a swim section and a hot tub section. These two bodies of water can be set at different temperatures and controlled independently. Set the pace of your workout with the adjustable speed swim system, then swim, jog, walk or exercise in the uninhibited swim area at the perfect water temperature, usually around 28°-30°C. On the other side you can settle into the hot tub section with the temperature set to say 38°C. This full-size hydrotherapy hot tub has 31 jets, ergonomic seating, and was designed to give your mind, body and spirit a thorough rejuvenation.

As with the rest of the Challenger series swim spas the Challenger 19D has 6 exclusive Airless Vector Injection Plate (VIP) swim jets which create a smooth, wide, consistent swim current to challenge even the best swimmers. The speed of the current is adjustable in seven stages so the whole family can find their ideal pace. Other features include the wonderful Therapy Cove, standing jetted position designed to target your lower back, hips and thighs. EcoPure filtration makes it easier to maintain sparkling clear water, and uses less harsh chemicals.

The Challenger 19D really is the perfect choice if you’d like to own a swim spa and a hot tub.