H2X Trainer 15



High Performance, Air-injected VIP Swim Jets

The Trainer 15 features a large swim area that is perfect for breast stroke and gentle front crawl swimming. 4 Air injected VIP swim jets provide a wide swim channel making it easier to stay in lane so you can concentrate more on your technique. This is especially useful if you have children who are learning to swim and makes the Trainer 15 an ideal alternative to a traditional pool.

Plus, when it comes to hydrotherapy, rehabilitation, and relaxation, nothing compares to the H2X Therapy Seat which includes stress relieving neck and shoulder jets, plus hip and leg jets for an all over massage. The Therapy Cove is a jetted position within the swim chamber where you stand and is ideal for your lower back, hips, thighs and calves.


Dimensions: 457cm x 239cm x 130cm
Water Capacity: 6,132 L
Weight (Dry/Full): 1,048 kg / 7,598 kg
Propulsion System: Air-Injected VIP Technology
Power Requirement: 230V / 32 Amp
Pumps: 2
Stainless Steel Jets: 43 (Incl. 4 VIP Jets)
Water Features: 5
Ozone System: Standard
Filtration: EcoPur® Charge
LED Lighting: Multicoloured Waterline