Jacuzzi® J-425 Hot Tub


We’ve designed this hot tub to provide all the impressive features found on the other hot tubs in the J400 range, in a smaller footprint. Out patented asymmetrical design with its raised back profile is a striking focal point for your garden.

You’ll love our new J425 hot tub, made perfectly to fit just where you want it. Come home, relax and let the unique PowerPro jets massage away all the tension that’s built up during the day.

Begin your transformation, outside and within, with a J425 hot tub from Jacuzzi®.

Jacuzzi Hot Tub Features

  • 221 X 193 X 99 cm
  • 4-5 People
  • PowerPro Hydromassage Jets
  • 4 Headrests
  • Watercolour Waterfall
  • ProTouch Control Panel
  • ProFinish Cabinetry
  • Hi Flow Circulation Pump
  • ClearRay™ Water Purification System
  • Complete Drain
  • 5 Stage ProClarity™ Filtration
  • Status Indicator Light
  • Bluewave™ Bluetooth Stereo System