Lodge L


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The Lodge™ range from Jacuzzi® has been designed especially for holiday cottages and other holiday rental applications. The Lodge™ can be used as both a free standing or built in hot tub and is designed to blend in with its surroundings. The controls are simple and user friendly yet still provide advanced features to ensure it becomes an asset to your business.

A variety of seating positions and a single lounger creates a comfortable place for your guests to sit and relax. Ideal for up to 5 people the Lodge L is perfect for larger holiday homes.

Boasting both QuickDrain™ and Complete Drain™, Lodge L drains in less than 20 minutes and is ready to be cleaned and prepared straight away. A complete cleaning cycle can be completed and ready to use in less than 6 hours. Perfect for busy changeover days.

Further features include an auxiliary keypad so guests can control only the lights and jets. Then a master keypad hidden away for you to control the filtration settings and temperature. The hot tub features an LED light to create the perfect lighting to heighten your guest’s hot tub experience, and ClearRay™ water purification utilises UV technology to remove 99% of water borne pathogens in turn reducing the amount of water maintenance.