Swimlife 19DT SwimFit

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The SwimLife 19DT SwimFit is the prefect fusion of swim spa and hot tub, the twin chamber design allows you to maintain the perfect water temperature for swimming and a yet have a higher temperature in the hot tub section. This models enjoys all the features of the single chamber SwimFit models and a 4 seater hot tub with lounger seat.

Product Description

SwimBoost Pump Design

  • One 3hp SwimBoost pump
  • Producing up to 360 gallons per minute
  • One 3ph buoyancy pump
  • Located close to the jets for lower frictional losses

AquaFlex Jet Technology

  • Two patented AquaFlex swim jets
  • Oval Nozzles to flatten the flow

JetFlex System

  • Allows the user to vary the flow
  • 3.5mph/5kph

SwimChannel Shell Design

  • No reflective wave
  • Keeps swimmer in swim lane
  • Largest unobstructed swim tank
  • Stabilization hip jets